Frank Gohlke

There are a few great books of his work available
including Accommodating Nature.

© Frank Gohlke


  1. i bought britt salvesen's book on new topographics the other week, its a great read

  2. I have heard it's very good. It's on my list of books to buy when I next have some money.

  3. That Frank Gohlke stuff is amazing. Big fan of the neighborhood with the guy mowing his lawn. The 80's Astro van is a nice touch.

  4. great collection:))!
    This autumn we're gonna travel to Linz to see the exhibition remade.
    (I wonder if Stephen Shore will be posted here sometime;D.....)

  5. Beautiful stuff. Thanks Levi, I had seen a couple of these before. Now I need to check out the books.

  6. thanks everyone

    Katjusa: Shore will indeed be posted :D it just takes a while for big names like this to collect, sort and order all their pictures, so I can't post them as often

    Jon: I have the Accommodating Nature book and it is quite good

  7. I hadn't seen any of Frank Gohlke's work till yesterday. Phoenix Art Museum has some of his work featured in a great exhibit with many talented photographers. I really enjoyed seeing his work, and I love some of these shots on you page, thanks for sharing.