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  1. Terrific stuff. I just spend a couple of hours looking at his site. ( no info about him though ) A lot of his work is of familiar parts of the UK, and he has captured the feel of those places in such a good way. His work has a flat but dreamlike quality. I can't work out why they are so good, but they are magical to me. ;-)
    thanks for the link Levi.

  2. Gerhard was a product of the Becher school at the Dusselldorf Kunst Acadamie and studied with Struth,Gursky,Ruff et al and was Bernd Bechers assistant and later Nam June Paik's. He was a photographer at The Telegraph Magazine and did somme really good portraits of the great and the good.
    The best work however is from the period he spent in Beccles Suffolk and its 'Man' altered landscapes which were flat and reminded him of Germany Hence the dreamlike otherworld reference (Casper David Friedrich), this is apparent from the German titles some pictures are given and their monumental size in refernce to them being paintigs rather than mere photo snaps.
    He is also the Architectural Photographer of the British library for which he produced a very good book.
    If you like his work you should try and get hold of 'Or so it seemed' a book/catalogue which is now very scarce but stunning.

    1. I love Gerhard's work and am very very lucky to own one. His Coppice ( King's Wood ) hangs in my tiny flat. 'Just don't touch the picture' I exhort my son's when they play games punching cushions/ doing headstands on the sofa. I love the picture. To me it has always combined a Ucello like mystery with a clinical and precise eye. Man's interference is neither good or bad just part of a process. His new work on his website seems just as beautiful. I love the photographs of roses.