Henry Wessel

There are several great books of his work available, including this one and this one.

© Henry Wessel


  1. nice inclusion Levi! never heard of but some great frames here and will be looking deeper at his portfolio!

  2. Thanks, I really like his work. He's achieved a decent amount of fame in his career and teaches at San Francisco Art Institute. It is likely I would have studied under him for my MFA had I not turned down my acceptance there due to health/money troubles. From the phone he seemed like a really decent guy.

    I have both of the books I recommended. They overlap with the same pictures almost completely, though I think the book in the first link may contain a few more of my favorite pictures.

  3. I despised this work when I first saw it in 1972 or so. Everything about it rubbed the wrong way, light, tone, time of day, etc. Love it today (actually loved it by the mid to late 70s) so it goes.

  4. It justin here by the way. Just waiting the for dollar to raise against the USD to buy up at amazon.. really nice observational stuff though...

  5. KAJ: I imagine his work along with the other New Topographics presented quite a shift at the time.

    Justin: yup, I knew ;)

    I hear you; I have a stack of books I'd like to buy but not the money to do it. Having a stronger dollar would help.