Richard Misrach

He has several books available including Chronologies.

© Richard Misrach


  1. I really enjoy the photographs you find and post to this blog, Levi.

    Misrach is one of the greats. I think his work influences a lot of fine-art photographers in this particular genre today, whether they know it or not. I have to say I'm disappointed with his latest endeavors - the whole positive to negative effect - but his work from the Salton Sea and Bonneville Salt Flats is truly inspiring.

    I remember coming across J Bennett Fitts' photograph of the same pool shortly after I had taken almost the exact same image - an experience that has happened to me a few times with other photographer's work. I'm a huge fan of Fitts' work, especially his Golf series.

  2. Thanks Stephen. I think it's been a really beneficial experience for me to edit through and post what I've collected. I've got lots more to come as well, and I continue to find more all the time, like your own work.

    I think it's an interesting time to work in photography because the Internet enables an exposure to so much work that 20 years ago would have required spending a lot of money on books to see (unless one had a really decent library in their city, but even then...).

    Yeah, I'm not as interested at the moment in Misrach's latest work either, but I do really like his other work from what I've seen. I should really buy one of his books.